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Airmen’s Monument

Monument aux Aviateurs à Maulusmühle.
On the famous site of the Maulusmühle Airmen's Monument, the skeleton of a downed plane crystallizes tragic and violent memories of the war.

The skeleton of an American plane bears witness to the past

Airmen's Monument in Maulusmühle
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In the small village of Maulusmühle, lost in the middle of the Luxembourg Ardennes forest, a cemetery honors the American airmen who fell in the region.

In the village’s forest, a broken-down plane lies on the ground and bears witness to history. It was here that six Americans lost their lives during the bloody battles of the Ardennes.

Thus, one can relive this striking and brutal moment, imagine, and be immersed in the scene, which testifies to a small part of the war’s impact, a plane crash where heroes lost their lives, a place where they are now honored.

The skeleton of a plane pays tribute to the six Americans.
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