American Memorial of the Montsec Butte

Mémorial Américain de la Butte de Montsec.
A symbol of the courage of the allied brothers in arms, the American Memorial of the Montsec Butte collects the names of those killed in the battle of the Salient of Saint-Mihiel. There is also a panoramic view of the Lake Madine and the Meuse River, which is sublime.

A symbol of courage

In addition to its breathtaking panorama, a historical monument of the First World War can be found on the butte or hill of Montsec. It was built in 1932 by the United States using Euville stone. A bronze orientation table lists the exact locations of the villages and battles of the Saint-Mihiel Salient. Thus, it allows us to understand better the battles that took place there. On the memorial, the inscriptions of the names of the American units that fought in 1918 preserve the memory of those who helped France in its battles.

During the Second World War, the Germans occupied this strategic site and set up a reinforced surveillance point. During the Allies’ recapture of the Montsec Butte, some damage was caused to the site. For this reason, it was rebuilt afterward.

This historical treasure is accessible by a very wide staircase leading to the isolated hill at an altitude of 375 meters.

American Memorial of the Montsec Butte
© Guillaume Ramon

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