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Fort Barchon

A preserved remnant of history, Fort Barchon played a vital role in both World Wars. Experience adventure at the fort thanks to its reconversion into a place for sports and cultural activities!

A unique adventure course in a perfectly preserved fort

The entrance to Fort Barchon
© P. Fagnoul

Fort Barchon, located in the northeast of Liege, is one of the 12 forts of the fortified position of Liège. Its architecture and armament are comparable to those of Fort Loncin.

During the First World War, Fort Barchon’s primary mission was to prevent the crossing of the Meuse River by enemy troops and maintain control over the road to Aachen. On August 8, 1914, Fort Barchon was suffocated entirely by the German army and surrendered. It was the first fort in the Liège fortified belt to surrender.

In the 1930s, the fort underwent significant improvements. In particular, the construction of an 18-meter high ventilation tower. Completely rearmed and equipped with a larger garrison, the fort resisted tenaciously during the Second World War. Brave fighters struck many blows at the German enemy.

Today, it is worth a visit, thanks to its excellent state of preservation. The tour is available in four languages, and a cafeteria welcomes you before or after discovering the fort.

Visit Fort Barchon
© Mfred Dodet

The most daring can experience a day of extreme adventure! The fort is home to the national caving training center and regularly organizes “Adventure Courses.” Several exploring possibilities adapted to amateurs and more experienced explorers are proposed to allow everyone to live the experience. From April to November, every second Sunday of the month, the guides of the historical commission, all volunteers, organize visits. They have produced an audiovisual montage, with the help of Professor Balace, which traces the history and resistance of the fort during the two world wars. Don’t forget to bring good shoes and a sweater or jacket for a visit, which is accessible to all.

The perfect fort for family visits

In addition to discovering the fort from a historical point of view, Fort Barchon offers many surprises. In fact, from April to December, the fort is transformed into an actual adventure course.

There are monkey bridges, potholing, climbing, and many other fun and unusual activities! In addition, the fort can accommodate you for any occasion. For example, the adventure course is perfect for birthdays, or even training courses during the summer.

These different courses are adapted for children of all ages. They are open and accessible for children 3 to 16 years old. And don’t forget to book by email in advance!

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