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Bulge Relics Museum

Objets du Bulge Relics Museum.
The story of the Bulge Relics Museum began in 1984. The passionate founders gathered objects that tell the story of the daily life of civilians and soldiers who fought in the northern part of the Ardennes front.

Remains of the Ardennes offensive in the province of Luxembourg

Old stone building.

Installed in an old stone building in an authentic setting, the Bulge Relics Museum presents objects primarily found in the region of Vielsalm, the Baraque de Fraiture, and up to St-Vith.

Vehicles, mannequins, photos, documents, letters, and films share poignant testimony from the confrontations between the 7th Armored Division of American General Hasbrouck and the SS Panzer divisions.

German soldier mannequin
German soldier mannequin
American soldiers mannequin

This museum seeks above all to cultivate regional memory for educational purposes.

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Joubiéval, 41
6690 Vielsalm
Country Belgium
Telephone 0496 31 61 74
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