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Civilian Memorial Museum in Sainlez

Objets du Musée de la mémoire civile à Sainlez.
On the path to Sainlez, a trail lined with panels tells the story of an Ardennes village in the winter of 1944. Subjected to the firepower of both sides, half of the village burned, and the rest was destroyed by bombing raids which caused many victims.

Civilians in the middle of the offensive

From December 18 to 28, 1944, the Germans occupied the village. The civilians had to survive artillery shelling and Allied bombing. In a bread oven, a rare building that survived the destruction, objects collected on the spot testify to the drama experienced by the inhabitants during the final offensive of winter 44.

The visit is made more poignant when you learn some of these modest documents were found in the ruins of destroyed houses and belonged to victims who died on Christmas 1944.

Upon reservation, the creators of this memorial initiative can accompany your visit with their explanations and their unpublished anecdotes.

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Rue du 26 décembre, 91
6637 Sainlez
Country Belgium
Telephone +32(0)477 19 35 87
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