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Commonwealth Military Cemetery

Tombes du cimetière du Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth Military Cemetery in Hotton honors the memory of the soldiers who served with the British forces during the Battle of the Bulge.

The British in the Battle of the Bulge

Commonwealth War Graves

The Commonwealth War Cemetery is located in the village of Hutton. From here, several British units launched the counter-offensive of January ’45 on the west bank of the Ourthe River. As a result, most of the graves in the cemetery date from this period.

The cemetery has 666 identified graves, the nationalities of which are as follows: 526 British, 88 Canadians, 41 Australians, 10 New Zealanders, and 1 Pole. There is also the grave of a Belgian soldier, aged 18, who fought under the uniform of the 53rd Welsh Division.

Graves of the Commonwealth Military Cemetery

Today, 21 men remain unidentified. At the entrance to the cemetery, a plaque reads “The Liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands and the Advance into Germany, September 1944 – May 1945”. In December 1944, General Montgomery ordered the 30th British Corps to leave the Netherlands and head for the Ardennes. At Hotton, infantry and armored units would fight from the first days of January and make a junction with American troops at La-Roche-en-Ardenne.

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