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Ensival Historical Museum

Ensival Historical Museum
The Ensival Historical Museum centers around the occupation and liberation of the region "Grand Verviers" during the Second World War. The museum is a place of remembrance, not to forget the suffering and the many men who fought and died to regain their freedom.

A museum that depicts life under the occupation

This private museum is arranged on two floors. It is composed of five rooms, in which about fifty mannequins in period uniforms, representing the occupation and liberation of the Verviers region, are displayed. You will also be able to see weapons, documents, photographs, and authentic equipment.

This museum was made possible thanks to Eric Tillmans, a passionate enthusiast, who collected all these objects so that everyone could see them. The goal? To never forget the suffering and the lives lost for our shared freedom during the 40-45 war.

Furthermore, a section of the museum is dedicated to the veterans of the 314 TCG 50 sq (US Air force), who have contributed to the museum by completing its collection and with whom the owner has many contacts. Finally, the museum also hosts the Military Archaeological Center (MAC).

Therefore, it is with passion and pleasure that the curator will accompany you to discover the Ensival Historical Museum.

Useful information

Rue de la Saunerie, 30 (Ancienne gare)
4800 Verviers
Country Belgium
Telephone 00 32 (0)8 73 39388
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