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General Patton Memorial Museum

Mémorial au Général Patton.
The General Patton Memorial Museum is a museum dedicated to an important figure of the liberation of Luxembourg. But you can also discover more about the Nazi occupation, the Battle of the Bulge, and the history of the Air War that took place there.

Memories of General S. Patton Jr

The entrance to the General Patton Memorial
© Land of Memory

This museum is dedicated to the memory of American General George S. Patton, who helped liberate the city of Ettelbruck from German occupation in 1944. Inaugurated in 1995 in Ettelbruck, it contains a rich collection of photographs and documents tracing the history of the German invasion in the region.

Ettelbruck is actually nicknamed “Patton Town.” Since 1954 the city has celebrated “Remembrance Day,” a day dedicated to the memory of the city’s liberation and General Patton. The museum features a ten-foot statue of the General and some of his personal items.

Artistic representation of General Patton.
© Land of Memory
The museum's collection.
© Land of Memory

One section of the exhibition is also dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge. An impressive collection of weapons and equipment are listed. The concluding section of the museum tells the story of the air war in Luxembourg.

Useful information

Rue Dr Klein, 5
9054 Ettelbruck
Country Luxembourg
Telephone 00 352 81 03 22
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