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Walk in the woods of Rocherath

The Rocherath Woods is a place rich in memories of the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. You can discover its history thanks to an experienced guide.

In the village of Rocherath in December 1944, the Battle of the Bulge destroyed two-thirds of the houses. In fact, this village and its surroundings were considered a transit zone. It was, therefore, a strategic location during the last weeks of the war.

© Gemeinde Buellingen

An experienced guide (in French, English, and German) takes you through this mysterious forest and the surrounding villages. But what are the “Fox Holes”? What was a field hospital like in the middle of the war? What were the defense and attack systems in these woods? To get the answers to these questions, we follow the passionate guide who takes the audience on the trail of German and American troops, including the 99th US Infantry Division. It was a unit of 10,000 inexperienced soldiers, so young that they were called “Battle Babies.” Some members of this division and other veterans from both sides inaugurated this site in May 2000, making it forever a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

For guided tours, reservations can be made via groups@landofmemory.eu or by calling +32 (0)4/279.55.81

© Gemeinde Buellingen

For those who prefer to visit at their own pace, there are ten or so signs along the way. To start this route, you must go to the Hasselpath parking site: Street Rocherath-Wahlerscheid N658, 1 km after Rocherath. At the traffic lights, turn right and follow the signs.

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