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Schuman, a European vision

Bannière podcast 10
Discover how Robert Schuman imagined a post-war period based on peace, a post-war period that would see Europe united...

The Second World War marked the European continent like no other conflict before. The Nazi scourge was a source of trauma for both the people and the political powers. Yet, even before the end of the war, the Allies began to imagine the future. The goal was to rebuild Europe on more solid foundations, with peace as the central pillar.

Men, some of them visionaries, quickly set to work, driven by a burning desire never to experience such an ordeal again. Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, quickly became a great architect in constructing modern Europe, in which the Franco-German relationship played a significant role.

In the Land of Memory territory, an itinerary has been dedicated to the peace desired by so many men and women who lived through the war and to the construction of modern Europe driven by Robert Schuman. You will discover the long road that led to what we now call the European Union.

A subject that is also addressed in the last episode of the Land of Memory podcast!

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Schuman, a European vision: the podcast

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