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Chattancourt Trench

Entrée des tranchée de Chattancourt.
The Chattancourt Trench is a perfect reconstruction of the one that defended the village during the Great War. All along an original educational tour, you can put yourself in the boots of a Frontsoldaten. Explanations and period objects punctuate the visit, helping you to immerse yourself in the reality of trench warfare.

In the boots of a Frontsoldaten

Located on the left bank of the Meuse River, about 15 kilometers from the Douaumont Ossuary, this reconstructed trench is almost 100 meters long. It is close to where the Toulouse and Chattancourt trenches passed.

Many historical elements testify to the violence of the First World War in this region. However, most of the trenches were filled in after the conflict. Thus, on the occasion of the 100th year anniversary of the conflict, a group of enthusiasts decided to reconstruct a trench identical to those that the Frontsoldaten (the front line soldiers) experienced.

Telephone point in the Chattancourt Trenches
© Land of Memory
Officers' shelter in the Chattancourt Trenches
© Land of Memory

Using beams, boards, military earthbags, and authentic metro sheets from the conflict, the association managed to reconstruct to perfection one of the most symbolic elements of the Great War. The construction was carried out by following with precision the instruction manuals of the era. Volunteers also used the photos and testimonies of the soldiers.

A visit to this trench is an authentic experience and perfectly adapted to young and old. It offers us another vision of the First World War. All year long, many living reenactments are organized to more accurately depict the daily life of soldiers in the trench. Many pictures are available on their website, don’t hesitate to go and have a look!

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8 Rue de Baley
55100 Chattancourt
Country France
Telephone 0033 (0)6 6477 0467
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