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The Falouse Artillery Works and Trench

Dépot de munitions au Fort de la Falouse.
"December 1916, two years we've been going to war. It is time for it to end." A visit to the Falouse work takes us back in time, to the time of the Frontsoldaten of the Great War. It's a totally immersive experience, which offers to the curious, an exceptional recreation which is guaranteed to inspire emotions.

An intermediate artillery structure

The Falouse Artillery Works overlooks the Meuse Valley, between Dugny-sur-Meuse and Belleray. It is a small private fort of 1,000 m2, located about 8 km from the bloody fighting in the region during the First World War. The impeccable state of preservation of the trench is superb and allows the visitor to quickly put themselves in the shoes of a soldier.

This intermediate artillery work was built between 1906 and 1908. Its mission was to prevent the crossing of the Meuse valley south of the city of Verdun. As a result, you can discover trenches, observatories, a turret with two machine guns, two 75 mm cannons, and an infantry guardhouse, which were miraculously spared by the bombardments.

Today, thanks to an association of volunteers passionate about the First World War, the site has been completely renovated. A lot of hard work has been done, especially with the help of a logbook dating back to the days of its active use. About thirty mannequins display the life of the soldiers at the back of the front in 1916. An interior and exterior visit allows you to discover the turrets, the observation posts, the trenches as well as the firing parapets. As a result, we can use our imaginations and better understand the difficult conditions of life in wartime. The immersion is even more total with the recent installation of a sound system.

Falouse Work and Trench

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