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Memorial Regimental Museum- 12th & 13th Line Prince Leopold

Relive almost 200 years of history during one visit. Through a chronological tour, you can trace the history of an elite regiment, the 12th & 13th Line, through armaments, objects, archival documents, and royal testimonies. Beyond just telling the history of one battalion, the museum also evokes the History of Belgium, a "must-see" to understand the country as a whole.

Recognize the bravery of Belgian soldiers

The 12th & 13th Prince Leopold Line Battalion is the oldest active infantry regiment in Belgium. It was formed in 1831 after the Belgian Independence by revolutionary Liège free militias. It bears the name of a king who was a member of the regiment. This battalion distinguished itself on many occasions during the First and Second World Wars. As a result, it received many military and royal distinctions.

On 500 square meters, the Memorial Museum launches you into the heart of the history of this legendary battalion: almost 200 years of history.

Through the history of this battalion, we are also immersed in the history of Belgium. From the revolution of 1830 to the Belgian participation in NATO, through the First and Second World Wars.

The museum is full of weapons, equipment, uniforms, flags and decorations, symbolic objects, photographs, maps and sketches, archival documents, press clippings, and royal testimonies. It’s interesting to retrace more than 175 years of commitment to the service of the Country of Peace by the regiment. In more modern history, the regiment has fought for the defense of human rights, including missions in ex-Yugoslavia, Africa, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. But beyond the military feats, the museum discusses the whole history of Belgium, which is evoked by the lively and didactic suggested tour.

This museum is a witness of recognition and gratitude towards all Belgian soldiers who have fought for their country. To remember or to learn, the Memorial Museum promises an experience rich in emotions and culture.

Enjoy a visit to the museum with passionate and exciting guides who have many fascinating stories to share with you!

Useful information

Avenue du 12ème de Ligne - Prince Léopold, 1
4900 Spa
Country Belgium
Telephone +32 484 85 24 81
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