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Nurses of Bastogne Memorial

Nurses of Bastogne Memorial.
Celebrated as true heroines after the war, two nurses, Augusta Chiwy and Renée Lemaire, left a vivid mark in the memory of the veterans and civilians trapped in the hell of Bastogne in the winter of 1944.

The angels of Bastogne

Descriptive panel at the Bastogne Nurse Memorial.
© A. Preser

Nicknamed the Angels of Bastogne, these two nurses from the city volunteered for the 10th American armored division. They treated wounded, with the means at hand, and in a makeshift hospital, in the middle of the fighting.

Renée Lemaire lost her life with 30 American soldiers in the first-aid post in the Rue de Neufchâteau, bombed by the Germans on Christmas Eve 1944. Her body was wrapped in a white parachute that she intended to use to make her wedding dress.

Descriptive panel on the life of Renee Lemaire.
© A. Preser
Descriptive panel on the life of Augusta Chiwy.
© A. Preser

Augusta Chiwy was more fortunate and survived until 2015. Since 2019, there has been a memorial that preserves their memory as well as that of all the nurses who continued their mission at the risk of their lives.

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