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The Romagne 14/18 Museum

Le musée Romagne 14/18.
The Romagna 14-18 Museum is a must-see on the road of remembrance tourism. It is ranked in the top 50 "best kept secrets" in Europe by Lonely Planet. It is a place created and guided by an enthusiast, who explains with passion the history of the objects he has collected over 25 years. These objects tell a story, and convey a message of peace.

One of the best kept secrets in Europe

Personal belongings exhibited at the Romagne Museum 14/18.
© Ben Mankin

Just like what the museum has become today, the history of this museum is anything but typical. Jean-Paul de Vries always dreamed of opening his own museum, displaying all the war relics he collected in the region. Now his dream has come true! He has been living in Romagne for 25 years and is passionate about the area’s history. Today, the museum’s collection is still growing thanks to an international circle of donors, which is also constantly increasing.

Since its opening, the museum has been the talk of the town! Whether it is the touching story of its creation or the unique way in which the objects are presented, the museum is a must-see. In addition, the museum objects are imbued with a personal message, which is meant to lead to reflection. Here, the war is omnipresent, but the message of peace, compassion, and humanity transmitted by Jean-Paul prevails. The museum relies on a more down-to-earth approach, so, no big brand new windows or ultra-modern screens.

The story is told raw and without much display. As a result, the experience is all the more touching and immersive. We discover the daily life of the war and the people who lived it.

This original museum is for everyone. Young and old alike leave with a head full of anecdotes from Jean-Paul, a guide who always leaves an indelible impression. A temporary thematic exhibition complements the museum’s permanent collection. This season, we can discover the exhibition “And Then the War Was Over” which focuses on the physical and mental consequences of the First World War.

In addition to a visit to the museum, it is possible to book a walk. In a few hours, you will discover the fascinating work of a researcher of First World War objects.

Jean-Paul also offers tours by minibus to historic sites in the region. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere before visiting, a series of videos presents the history of some objects on the museum site.

Original material shown at theRomagne 14/18 Museum

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55110 Romagne-sous-Montfaucon
Country France
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