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Tour Eben-Ezer

In addition to being a magnificent building, the Eben-Ezer Tower is also home to the Robert Garcet Museum. A committed pacifist and conscientious objector, he was the architect of this tower with its bewilderingly fantastic appearance. It is a symbol of peace where it is also possible to make a unique family visit, discovering a place full of originality and emotions.

A symbol of peace

Robert Garcet was involved in the social and political struggles of his time from a young age, thanks to his grandfather, who himself was very involved. His numerous writings, blacklisted by the Nazi regime, testify to his pacifist approach and his opposition to all forms of violence. He campaigned all his life to promote peace, notably by participating in numerous demonstrations.

The Eben-Ezer Tower is the ultimate symbol of his work toward the glory of human understanding. This building is a unique place of memory, full of questions and hopes for the generation that lived through the world wars. Thus, while visiting it, you can discover different emblems of peace and war: a rifle in concrete and a dove.

A tower with an atypical style

Tour Eben-Ezer

The famous stonemason began building this tower with his own hands in 1948. He managed to complete it 15 years later. The flints used by Garcet to create it give it an atypical style. It has seven levels surmounted by a terrace guarded by four spectacular sculptures of winged animals. It is 33 meters high and offers a stunning panorama of the Geer Valley.

No detail in the architecture of this tower is a mere coincidence. Inside, the museum tells the story of its construction. And a book reveals all the secrets of its particular symbolism.

Tour Eben-Ezer

After the visit to the museum, we discover the Geospadium. This is an educational space where we dive into the geological period of the Cretaceous period. It presents the history of flint from its formation to its use by men.

The tower’s garden hosts multiple exhibitions that analyze how the themes between men, dreams, and mythology are connected. Are you ready for this multi-faceted experience with a surprising return to the past?

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