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Your summer vacations in the Land of Memory

Are you looking for activities to do with your family or friends for the summer vacation? The Land of Memory offers you many outdoor activities with inventive and innovative elements to make your visits unforgettable. There is definitely something for everyone!

What if this summer you were to travel back in time? Memory tourism in the Land of Memory can take you through history for an extraordinary experience!

Even more so today, memory tourism is a way to travel that brings a multitude of emotions. To continue to remember, not to forget the past events, and to share the memories.

To make remembrance tourism exciting and accessible to all, the Land of Memory does not hesitate to be creative. Today, our sites combine the relics of our history with technology. In recent years, digital technology has been put in place to bring you more information and to immerse you further in the past.

Heading to France at Camp Marguerre 

In the Meuse region, we offer you the opportunity to discover Camp Marguerre buried in the forest of Gouraincourt.

This name is not due to chance. In fact, during the First World War, this site was a study center directed by the German captain Hans Marguerre. This rear base allowed the Germans to get away from the front line.

Today, we offer you a visit to this site with the help of a virtual game. Set back in 1916! You play as a group of undercover journalists. Your mission? To foil the enemy’s plan. This fun activity will please young and old alike. It combines history and challenge.

For an even more exciting immersion, download the application free on your phone. However, if you don’t have the option, don’t panic! Touch tablets will be available at the tourist office for 10€.

This activity is perfect for having a good time with family or friends while immersing yourself in the events of the past that took place there. The game is played with several people, a minimum of two and a maximum of five people.

See you at the Schumannseck!

Walking friends, we have found an activity you will enjoy: a visit to the Remembrance Trail at Schumannseck, near Wiltz in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This interactive trail will lead you to the remnants of decisive battles of the Battle of the Bulge. Schumannseck was a decisive place in this battle. We travel back to the winter of 1944: American soldiers are fighting against the German army.

This walk retraces the history and the living conditions of the soldiers and civilians.

During your walk, human-sized characters taken from period photographs will punctuate your visit. To further enrich the experience, QR codes are available. They allow you to access more than a hundred audiovisual testimonies such as sound extracts, videos, and archive photos. In addition, there is the “Nächst Statioun” application. Klaus and Mish, the heroes of the animated series by Zeilt Production broadcast on RTL, will guide you along your walk. These innovative installations are a great way to make history come alive.

The combination of digital technology and the vestiges still visible today, such as the foxholes and trenches, offer a real immersion and a unique educational experience.

Visits in the open air around Liège, the Cité Ardente

Located at the crossroads of Europe, the province of Liège was not spared during the First and Second World Wars. Visé will always be remembered as the first martyred city of the Great War, and the Battle of the Bulge has profoundly marked its forests.


In this dynamic location, we can help you travel in time through different visits to the middle of nature or beautiful cities. You can use informative panels to explore at your own pace or be guided by enthusiasts; you have the choice. The experts can accompany you to share even more fascinating stories. You will cross places full of memories and emotions with family or friends.

Are you visiting with several people or a group? Then, we suggest a bus tour in the footsteps of the Great War in Visé. Travel back to the arrival of the German troops in this city: what was civilian life like during those four long years? How was the resistance of the soldiers organized? Finally, you will get the answer to all these questions.

If you prefer to learn more about the Second World War, a discovery of the Fox Holes in Rocherath Wood is the perfect activity. An experienced guide will recount the harsh fighting conditions of the winter of 44-45. Many other options are also available, and there is something for everyone! Follow your passion and curiosity among the numerous guided tours and memory trails.

Walks from the Bastogne War Museum

We invite you to the Bastogne War Museum for a unique visit, inside and outside the museum. On foot, bike, jeep, or dodge truck, various circuits can be followed with a roadbook or by booking a guided tour.

Sites you can visit include the Bois de la Paix and the Bois Jacques. The first location pays tribute to fallen American soldiers. Trees have been planted in memory of their sacrifice. Seen from the sky, the position of the trees represents a mother with a child. As for the second, a brand new immersion in augmented reality helps you relive in 360° the harsh conditions of the Battle of the Bulge.

Other interesting historical sites can be discovered during these walks too. So if you want to explore the locations of the Battle of Bastogne by bike or on foot, the “one day” package is for you!

Visiting in an authentic period vehicle is a great option! A 1h30 tour for one to eight people during which you will discover the Battle of Bastogne from a new angle. Reservations can be made by e-mail at info@bastognewarmuseum.be or by calling 061/210.220. So don’t hesitate any longer and live this extraordinary experience!

These walks combine history, sport, and fun, something for the whole family!

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For the bike ride around the Bastogne War Museum, you can rent bikes at the Maison du tourisme de Bastogne for the price of 25€ for those over 19 years old and 15€ for children from 6 to 18. Rather a vintage car? Climb into a jeep for a 1.5 hour guided tour for 250€. For more information: info@bastognewarmuseum.be
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