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Bois de la Paix

Bois de la Paix (Bizory - Bastogne) Unicef
In the Bois de la Paix, or Peace Wood, nearly 4000 trees sponsored by veterans and children are planted in the shape of the Unicef symbol, in the name of universal tenderness: maternity. This beautiful idea of the local Unicef committee was realized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in 1994.

Tribute to civilians and combatants of martyred cities

Tree in honor of the 30th Infantry Division
© FTLB – A. Segers

Near the village of Bizory, more than 4,000 trees were planted to pay tribute to the veterans of the Second World War. A nameplate is placed at the foot of each tree.

On June 11, 1994, the memorial site was inaugurated. American veterans returning for the commemorations were invited to the event out of respect and recognition. Moreover, continuing the work of remembrance, the city of Bastogne wanted to list, on new panels, the cities decimated in other wars in Europe. These cities are Verdun (France), Cuneo and Marzabotto (Italy), Wiltz (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Coventry (Great Britain), Kalavrita (Greece), Kragujevac (Yugoslavia), Volgograd (Russia), Warsaw (Poland), and Bastogne. Bastogne chose the walnut tree in reference to General McAuliffe’s famous response, “Nuts” to represent its city.

Visit the Bois de la Paix
© FTLB – A. Segers

The Bois de la Paix also bears witness to closer dramas. In 2002, two new “sentinels of peace” were erected in homage to East and West Jerusalem. More recently, 26 oak trees were planted in 2012 for the children who were victims of the tragedy at the little school in Sandy Hook.

We cannot remain insensitive when faced with the powerful emotions evoked at this moving memorial.

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