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Female Reporters During the Second World War

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Have you ever thought about the role of women during the war? Discover the names of female reporters from all over the world, who sought to show the horrors of this dark period of history.

The role of female reporters

Therese Bonney wearing her medal, February 1942.
Therese Bonney wearing her medal, February 1942.

The second World War was also widely covered by journalists and war reporters from all countries. And, in this context, as in the resistance, many women distinguished themselves.

There were nearly 120 female war reporters accredited during the conflict. They came from all over the world: the Soviet Union, France, Greece, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, and even South Africa.

Some of them even became real media stars. For example, Margaret Bourke-White, famous for her aviator jacket, and Lee Miller were two American photographers who covered the fighting in North Africa, Italy, France, and the Ardennes.

In 1944-45, from June to December, Martha Gellhorn, Ernest Hemingway, Iris Carpenter, and Lee Carson (nicknamed the prettiest girl in the Battle of the Bulge), sought information as close as possible to the conflict zones in Normandy, Hürtgenet, and the Ardennes.

In defiance of the conventions of the time, these female reporters imposed themselves in a world of men, encountering sexism while taking advantage of the opportunity offered by a more open American society.

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