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What to do with your children during the winter vacation?

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In winter, vacations with children can quickly become a challenge for parents, especially with children over ten years old. The Land of Memory is the ideal solution as this territory of memory fascinates parents and entertains children.

The Land of Memory is a territory of remembrance home to many historical sites linked to the two great world conflicts spread over four countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Thanks to the sites and museums, you can dive into the fascinating stories of the men and women, soldiers or civilians, who lived through the 20th century and its dramatic scenes—educational but also moving visits to share with your family.

To help you, we have selected five places to visit with your family in winter in the Land of Memory!

1 – Bastogne War Museum

The Bastogne War Museum is a must-see place in Europe dedicated to the Second World War. The museum offers various experiences to families to put the history of the Battle of the Bulge into context. Amazing sceno-visions and poignant testimonies retrace the history of four fictional characters during the Occupation. The outdoor activities suggested by the museum, such as the discovery of the most important places of the Battle of Bastogne by military jeep or by bike, are very popular with children.

2- Cité Miroir

The Cité Miroir is an exhibition place full of history, being a real memorial site. The place pushes us to question social themes, and even to discover certain historical moments that are not often talked about. The exhibitions presented at the Cité Miroir, push us to have a more developed citizen involvement and memory. It is the ideal place to make young people aware of the past and the consequences of past actions.

3 – Museum Romagna 14-18

The Museum Romagne 14-18 is classified in the top 50 of the “best-kept secrets” of Europe. It is dedicated to discovering the personal stories behind each war object collected. It is above all an original place which is fascinating for everyone, young and old. Several activities are offered to the whole family.

4 – Verdun’s subterranean citadel

The subterranean Citadel of Verdun is an emblematic and symbolic place of the Battle of Verdun. A visit like no other, during which you can walk through the underground galleries with an augmented reality headset. This incredible place immerses us in the life of soldiers, 16 meters under the rock, during the war. A unique experience that your children will love!

5 – The National Museum of Military History in Diekirch

The Diekirch Museum, located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, presents the events of the famous Battle of the Bulge (1944-1945) in an objective and balanced way, from different points of view: American, German, but also civilian. The dioramas and paintings on canvas, giving the illusion of reality and movement thanks to the play of light, are a real asset for the museum. Indeed, they allow the visitors to understand this historical event better and discover the soldiers’ tragic destinies in a more dynamic and animated way. This experience really resonates with young people, and they enjoy it!

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