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The Adventure Route

fort de loncin
If you want to discover the Land of Memory territory in a different way, the Adventure Route is perfect for you! Augmented reality, a ride in a vintage car... Everything is done to transport you back in time!

It is estimated that this itinerary will take a minimum of 3 days to complete.

A journey with history and adventure

Dive into the heart of history in the Land of Memory region. Many important and significant events have taken place here throughout the ages, especially during the 20th century, in this cross-border territory. We invite you to come and discover this destination which extends over France, Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Germany. Four distinct countries but united by a shared past, with a sometimes dark and tragic history that has built today’s Europe.

We suggest an itinerary designed for adventurers or history lovers, a journey for all those who are not afraid of the adventure, excitement, and eager to create memorable experiences. Unusual activities are selected to plunge you directly into the heart of the action. It’s a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and immerse yourself in history by engaging all your senses. In addition, some activities are designed to give you the illusion of traveling back in time. It is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the Europe of yesterday and today by traveling through a destination rich in remembrance and discovery.

Get off the beaten track to discover the past

A departure is planned in Bierset, in the Province of Liège, at the White Bison military airbase. There you will find a multitude of period objects and archive photos on the history of aviation during the First and Second World Wars. For some more fun: there is a controller’s station to do flight simulations. We can then continue towards the National Necropolis of Fort Loncin, which helps you relive the massive explosion which rocked the fort. The tour continues with a guided visit to the Northern Front. Three different routes are possible along various axes: “The defense of the Elsenborn Ridge and the Twin Villages” which marked the decisive stop of the German offensive, “The Kampfgruppe Peiper,” which concerns the combat group of the 1st SS division whose mission was to open the path and which sowed terror in the Ardennes, or “The Battlefields of the 82nd Airborne”: an elite parachute division sent to hold the northern flank against the German breakthrough. Another creative experience in the Bastogne area is riding around in a Dodge or GMC vehicle of the period. You can visit the sites and monuments evoking the Battle of the Bulge in period vehicles, it’s a perfect way to transport yourself back in time. At the 101st Airborne Museum, located a few steps from McAuliffe Square, there is a Sherman tank and the bust of the famous general. Experience a very impressive simulation of the bombing of the city! Then, we can travel towards the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for a walk along the paths of Schumann’s Eck and its foxholes.

We can then cross the French border to end this trip at Camp Marguerre with its interactive experiences and then in the Trenches of Chattancourt, which offer striking reconstructions. Finally, the Falouse Trench allows us to conclude this itinerary by visiting this 250-meter long trench and the completely intact military camp of the Verdun rear-front. Along this itinerary, you will find the Land of Memory experiential exhibition, which will help you relive in an immersive way the incredible history of the 20th century, its two wars, and the construction of modern Europe. For the exhibition locations according to the dates, see: https://www.expo.landofmemory.eu/

To sum up

Day 1 :

Day 2 :

Day 3 :

Details of the routes of the Northern Front

Route 1 :

– Hollerath – Krinkelt et Rocherath – Hasselpath – Dom Bütgenbach

Route 2 : – Manhay and then the Baraque de Fraiture – Thier du Mont and Goronne – Trois-Ponts, through Rochelinval

Route 3 : Lanzerath – Honsfeld – Baugnez – Stavelot – Habiémont – Cheneux – La Gleize

Some of the sites on this route

Useful information

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In detail

Belgium Luxembourg France
Distance 400-700 km (selon parcours Front Nord)
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